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Becoming Concussion Aware is important. Players, referees, coaches, schools and sports clubs around Ireland have a vital role to play in highlighting the importance of minding your head to all those involved in playing, managing, coaching or refereeing contact sports. At Headway, Brain Injury Services and Support we want you, your club or your school to take the pledge to be concussion aware  – if in doubt sit it out. Pledge your support by clicking on the relevant icon below whether you are a player, a parent or a club and download your free concussion aware materials to create better community awareness of concussion symptoms.

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At Headway, we believe everyone who plays sport should be concussion aware – our message to players, parents, coaches and referees at all levels of sport is ‘if in doubt sit it out’.

Choosing to buy our elite performance Concussion Aware laces will help us spread the important message – if in doubt sit it out. ALL proceeds from your purchase will be donated to Headway, Brain Injury Services & Support (

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Headway Brain Injury Services & Support, in association with laya healthcare and the support of Lifestyle Sports and all the players’ organisations are calling on schools and clubs nationwide and at every level to have a concussion policy to ensure that if a player receives a bang to the head and/or show signs of concussion after a collision that he or she be removed from play.

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